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Learning a Language or more at your choice: German, French, Italian and Spanish

Nothing is easier nowadays, with so much information, than starting to learn a foreign language like German, French, Italian and Spanish online and for free. There is tons of information everywhere on the internet, and the problem is just that: too much information spread all over the place and nothing concrete to help.
The solution lies in you and in me to forge a community of learning people. Together we can gather and share enough information that will in the end help us to learn a language or more: German, French, Italian and Spanish.

The Multi-Language Learning Community is about to open its doors.

I present to you some fun methods of quick learning and simple memory tricks that are very helpful when learning a new foreign language, and especially when relearning a language studied long time ago. With today’s busy schedules, using different tables of words and phrases you will reduce the time and hassle, and increase the fun of learning. And you can establish a vocabulary before visiting a foreign country, find tips, tricks, and effortless exercises to develop your language skills. You will find simple ways to adopt a varied vocabulary, to grasp grammar and to converse with confidence in no time.

English German French Italian Spanish
Hi! Hallo! Salut! Ciao! ¡Hola!

Let’s start by introducing myself. How do I say “I am Gabriel.” in German, French, Italian and Spanish?
First, let’s see what the personal pronouns are in these languages:

  person English German French Italian Spanish
Singular 1st I ich je io yo
2nd you du tu tu tu
3rd he/she/it er/sie/es il/elle lui/lei el/ella
Plural 1st we wir nous noi nosotros
2nd you ihr vous voi vosotros
3rd they sie ils/elles loro ellos/ellas
the polite form you Sie vous Lei Usted/Ustedes

Now let’s see what is the Present Time form and conjugation of one of the most important verbs: to be.

person English German French Italian Spanish
verb to be sein être essere ser
Singular 1st I am ich bin je suis io sono yo soy
2nd you are du bist tu es tu sei tu eres
3rd he/she/it is er/sie/es ist il/elle est lui/lei è el/ella es
Plural 1st we are wir sind nous sommes noi siamo nosotros somos
2nd you are ihr seid vous êtes voi siete vosotros sois
3rd they are sie sind ils/elles sont loro sono ellos/ellas son
the polite form you are Sie sind vous êtes Lei è Usted/Ustedes

And finally, here’s my introduction:

English I am Gabriel.
German Ich bin Gabriel.
French Je suis Gabriel.
Italian Io sono Gabriel.
Spanish Yo soy Gabriel.
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